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Remedy is about Jesus. Our desire is for people near and far to know and understand the great love and grace of Jesus. We exist to glorify Him through our gatherings and in our daily lives.

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Beginning May 1, join us for service at 2100 Tienda Dr, Lodi

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Remedy is Moving

Posted by on Apr 3, 2016

Remedy is moving! God has always been a God of movement, directing His people for His will and glory. He moved Abram from a land he was familiar with, from friends and family, to a land that God promised to show him (). He redeemed the children of Israel out of Egypt and guided them with smoke and fire. He gave direction to Joshua to enter the Promised Land. We see His hand of guidance through the priests, prophets and kings. God ultimately showed us the way through the perfect priest, prophet, and king: Jesus. He made a way when there was no other way. We understand the people of God make up the church of God no matter where we meet, but God does use our physical and geographical locations to reach specific people in His time. One year ago, Remedy leadership began to feel God stirring our hearts toward a move. Since that time, we have prayed, asked others to pray with us, and sought after open opportunities to move to a different facility. In every case, the doors were closed. In August we began a conversation with Church of God Seventh Day about using their building for our Sunday gathering (they worship on Saturdays). This has been a deliberate process of...

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This Changes Everything

Posted by on Mar 13, 2016

We all have two things in common. First, we all came into this world the same way. We came under different circumstances, in different places, but we were all born into this world. Second, all of our lives will come to an end. The question is not “If” but “When?”. Some will live long and healthy lives; some will live lives full of struggle and challenge, and some will live tragically short lives. We do not know the time or the way, but we do know the certainty of the event. No one can escape that truth. We do whatever we can to extend our lives: exercise, eat right, take our vitamins. This year alone in the U.S., we’ll spend over $21 billion on vitamins and supplements in an effort to make our lives healthier and live longer, and that’s just the tip of what we spend to extend our lifespan. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a healthy life, to live longer, or to enjoy this life. But it still doesn’t answer the question: What happens when we die? There is a fear of death, not so much a fear of physical death, but a fear of the unknown: what happens after that? If we know death is inevitable, why talk about it at...

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